• McConkieslazyeye

    I have a much more fundamental question that I have never heard a good answer for;

    What exactly did Brigham Young say or do during his tenure as prophet that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that he was in fact a prophet with a prophetic connection with the almighty?

    Just about everything he DID say and do the modern church is doing their darndest to disavow.

    Great webside LTAA, best of luck!

  • Thank you. My husband and I reviewed a portion of your letter today. We’re going to dissect it carefully over the next month. He converted in 2005 shortly before we were married. I was born into an extremely devout LDS family in 1952 and was “all in” until January 2016, when I resigned after a couple years of intense study into many of the issues you have listed in your excellent letter. Yes, I devoted over 60 years to the church, serving in numerous leadership callings. I’m now in the process of undoing all the demands I made on my wonderful husband before I would consent to marry him – and the completely unrealistic expectations I’ve had since we married. Your letter is making it all much easier to come to terms with decades of indoctrination. I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful approach and your well-researched documentation.

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