Below are links to a number of websites and blogs that I feel can help both those who are struggling with their faith as well as those who simply want to know more about Mormonism. I recommend each of them.

MormonThink – Presenting a range of perspectives and viewpoints concerning LDS history, privileging those they believe are the most accurate, consistent and empirically valid. This is the go to place for individuals with questions about the LDS church. It is fair-minded and tells the whole story – both sides. It is extremely well organized and comprehensive.

Investigating Mormonism, by Richard Packham   Richard Packham is a brilliant writer and thinker and provides a corpus of valuable material for those wanting to investigate the Mormon religion from an intellectual perspective.

Mormon Stories  John Dehlin is a straight-shooter and has interviewed almost everybody with an important story to tell about the Mormon Experience. Mormon Stories does not have an axe to grind and the conversations are well worth watching.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry Sandra Tanner with her late husband Jerald, dared to critically examine one of the richest and most powerful religious organizations in the world – at a time and in a place, the 1960s in Salt Lake City, Utah when to do so was not only ill-advised but dangerous. Great information.  Lee and his wife Kathy are committed and caring Christians who are tirelessly and selflessly trying to bring Mormons to Christ. Lee is a former Bishop in the LDS Church which affords us through him valuable insights into the operation of the Church at the grass roots. The site is excellent.  Rich is a very bright guy and not at all mean-spirited. His articles are a wonderful read, and his research on the LDS Church both thorough and impressive.

Dan Vogel Few people have delved as deeply into Mormon History in a scholarly way as Dan. No nonsense and absolutely reliable information. It is easy to get hooked on his YouTube video as I have. I would also highly recommend his books to anyone who really wants to expand their knowledge of early Mormon history.

Mormon Research Ministry Bill McKeever founder MRM in 1979 in the hope of informing the Body of Christ about the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. He has done a great job and has brought many people to Christ. This is a very comprehensive and important site. It tells the truth but in a loving Christ-like way. I find this site operated by Rob Sivulka to be very worthwhile, particularly as it compares Mormonism to Christianity.

Grant Palmer  Sadly we lost Grant in 2017. He left us three important books and numerous articles and YouTube videos. I really honest man who lived a life of service. I would highly recommend his important work to you.